Use the OINP Entrepreneur Stream to invest and live in Ontario

The Entrepreneur stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) benefits entrepreneurs from outside of Canada who are interested in starting or buying a business in Ontario. Once their business has been established in Ontario, the entrepreneur (and up to one foreign national business partner) have the opportunity to be nominated for permanent residency by the OINP.

image of two women entrepreneurs smiling
infographic showing what applicants need to know about the OINP

What you need to know

Type of business

Applicants must start or buy a business in Ontario.

Business partner

Applicants may have up to one additional foreign national business partner, or may partner with a Canadian.

Investment and net worth

  1. OPTION 1: Businesses located outside the Greater Toronto Area or within IT sector
    • Minimum investment of $200,000
    • Minimum net worth of $400,000
  2. OPTION 2:Businesses located inside the Greater Toronto Area
    • Minimum investment of $600,000
    • Minimum net worth of $800,000

Job creation

  • Minimum 1 job for businesses located outside of the Great Toronto Area or for ICT businesses anywhere in Ontario.
  • Minimum 2 jobs for businesses located inside the Greater Toronto Area.

Applicants must be actively involved in the management of the business.

infographic showing how applicants apply the OINP

How to apply

Expression of interest (EOI)

As a first step, applicants will be required to register an EOI.

Invitation to apply (ITA)

If invited, applicants apply online.


An in-person interview is conducted by OINP as part of the application assessment.

Establish business

Applicants sign a performance agreement, receive work permit support, arrive in Ontario, and have 20 months to establish the business.

Nomination and permanent residence

If all requirements are met, an OINP nomination is issued and applicants may then apply for permanent residency.