Embracing the digital age comes with the understanding that our private information is more vulnerable now than ever before, making cybersecurity an undeniable part of everyday life. Fortunately, companies are developing products and services to safeguard your information by preventing unauthorized access by hackers and mitigating risk. Ontario is a leader in cybersecurity, with established firms such as Herjavec Group, Blackberry, and eSentire, while being home to world-renowned institutions with a heavy tech focus, including the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo.

Here are ten of the most exciting Ontario-based cybersecurity companies to watch in 2019.

Herjavec Group

Location: Toronto

Recognized as the world’s leading provider of cybersecurity services, Herjavec Group has grown exceptionally since its founding as a firewall provider in 2003. Today, Herjavec has been ranked as the most innovative cybersecurity company three years running. Founder, Robert Herjavec, has also served as a cybersecurity advisor to the government of Canada and took part in the White House Summit on Cybersecurity. The company has responded to a changing threat landscape that goes beyond hackers and now includes state actors and organized crime. As Senior Vice President Ira Goldstein says, “In cybersecurity, it’s not a matter of if, but when you’ll be hacked.”


Location: Waterloo

One of Canada’s original tech giants, Blackberry has chosen a new direction for its future. The company has shifted its focus from phones to cybersecurity. Their mission is to be the world’s most trusted and secure provider of end-to-end mobility solutions. This includes cybersecurity for vehicles, too. “A modern car has more than 100 million lines of software,” explains Grant Courville, Vice President of Product Management for BlackBerry QNX, the group responsible for BlackBerry's automotive software solutions. “As the software in a car grows, the attack surface grows as well, making it more vulnerable to cyberattacks.” Blackberry’s cybersecurity software is now found in over 240 vehicle models in over 150 million cars worldwide.

Arctic Wolf

Location: Waterloo

Arctic Wolf is a security operations centre as a service, providing leading cybersecurity services to midmarket firms that do not have in-house cybersecurity teams. They use a mix of machine intelligence and human expertise to offer defense mechanisms for prevention, detection, and response to threats. They offer a Hybrid AI tool that outperforms both machine learning or human analysts alone.


Location: Toronto

SecureKey is a leading identity and authentication provider that keeps customer access to online services secure. They are the service provider that banks and governments trust to keep their customers’ identities safe from hackers and identity thieves. This year SecureKey partnered with Canada’s banks to launch Verified.Me, an app that provides mobile identity authentication quicker and more conveniently while still providing a high level of security.


Location: Toronto

Resolver’s cloud-based software protects over 1,000 of the world’s largest organizations’ employees, customers, supply chains, and shareholders. Governments, telecoms, and airlines have all used Resolver for their risk management and cybersecurity solutions. Their integrated risk management software is designed to help organizations reduce the frequency, severity, and impact of negative events.


Location: Waterloo

Combining machine learning and human insight, this Waterloo cybersecurity leader provides human expertise at a machine scale. For eSentire, time is of the essence. Within 35 seconds of detecting a breach, analysts will begin investigating. The company has found international customers are drawn to Ontario’s cybersecurity sector. President and Chief Operating Officer, J. Paul Haynes says, “Our privacy regime is second to none. Our customers in the U.S., which is our largest market, know this and they like our high privacy standards here.”


Location: Ottawa

Phirelight was founded in 2001 by a team of defense intelligence, cybersecurity, and military experts who recognized the need to help organizations manage and protect their critical digital assets. The company’s rapidPHIRE platform combines threat intelligence detection and large-scale behavioural analytics to provide real-time threat assessment and response.


Location: Ottawa

Interset’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) finds security threats before data is breached. Using data analytics and machine learning the platform can recognize anomalies that represent threats to the network while avoiding false positives. Behavioural analytics can recognize data breaches, IP theft, or an insider threat.


Location: Waterloo

What began as a University of Waterloo project to digitally index the Oxford dictionary is now Canada’s largest software company with over 100,000 customers worldwide and a team of 12,000 employees in 130 countries. A leader in Enterprise Information Management, OpenText combines technology and consulting services to areas including network security and data analytics. Their client roster includes many of the world’s largest companies.


Location: Toronto

Bluecat provides adaptive Domain Name Systems (DNS) that provides companies with full visibility of all network activity. They also use automation for threat detection and remediation. Their customers include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and universities. Since their founding in 2001, they have expanded to have offices in seven countries.

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August 16, 2019
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