Our great friends at POV 'Point of View' Hamilton recently created a compelling video on the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster coming to Southern Ontario.

In it, Tony Valeri, VP of Corporate Affairs for ArcelorMittal Dofasco talks about how the Supercluster will help increase automation and improve productivity.

Disclaimer: this video links to a third party source. This video is not hosted by the Government of Ontario and there may not be a French version or transcripts available.

In addition, Jason Myers, the CEO of Next Generation Manufacturing Canada, says, "In Ontario, we've got some superb resources and assets around research, training [and] education."

At InvestInOntario, we couldn't agree more.

The notion of the Government of Canada's $950-million Innovation Superclusters Initiative is to make it easier for business enterprises, academia and not-for-profit organizations to collaborate to drive technological innovation in advanced manufacturing. The supercluster is concentrated in the geographical locations of Hamilton, Toronto and Waterloo.

For more videos from this great city, be sure to visit POV Hamilton.



March 12, 2018
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