Report finds Canada is an attractive market for international, high-skilled labour

Talent is a key differentiator in today's knowledge economy, and that's why businesses located in Ontario will be happy to know that international job seekers have their sights set on Canada. A report by one of the world's most popular job search engines found Canada is the third most attractive destination for international career seekers.

Nearly 10% of all job searches conducted across borders are for positions in Canada leveraged the 200 million unique monthly visits to its website to examine patterns among international job searches from its 49 biggest markets.

Top 5 most attractive destinations for international job seekers

The United States29.6%
United Kingdom12.7%

Canada also ranks among the top 10 countries with the smallest number of job seekers looking internationally, at only 5.4%.

Americans, British and French looking for IT jobs in Canada

According to the report, international job seekers with the strongest interest in Canada are looking for skilled work, including IT jobs. reports a high percentage of searches for terms such as “Java,” and “software.” Countries with the highest levels of job seeker interest in Canada are the United States (3.15%), the United Kingdom (0.53%) and France (0.33%). added that within 48 hours of the U.K.'s vote to leave the EU, there was a four-fold increase in searches for jobs in Canada, accounting for the U.K.'s largest spike in international job market interest. Indeed's data also shows that Canada is the most attractive international destination for U.S. job searchers, making up nearly half a percent of their searches, ahead of the U.K. and Australia.

International job searches are an expression of interest or intent

"Not every cross-border job search leads to a move", says Jed Kolko, Chief Economist for and head of its Hiring Lab research arm, "but all of it is an expression of interest or intent."'s research is based on a set of aggregated and anonymous search data from 49 countries and economies. An international searcher, based upon their IP address location, is one that is currently located in one country, but searches for work in another. The data set used in's report included more than 43 million job searches from around the globe.

Read the full report: Indeed Global Migration Snapshot

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February 1, 2017
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