CIX unveils its list of the top Canadian tech companies, and 70% are from Ontario

Last year, 12 out of 20 of those named Canada's top IT companies were from Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo. This year, the number has grown to 14.

Annual Canadian Innovation Exchange connects leading technology companies and investors

Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) brings together leading tech innovators, entrepreneurs and facilitators from across the country for face-to-face meetings and networking opportunities. As part of the event, CIX's committee of investors and professionals representing finance and technology industries select the CIX Top 20 to celebrate some of the most exciting new Canadian tech companies. Past award winners and alumni include the likes of Wealthsimple, Figure1, D-Wave Systems, Aeryon Labs and Shopify.

Canada's hottest technology companies are from Ontario's Toronto-Kitchener-Waterloo technology corridor

Top Canadian technology companies represent innovative ideas ranging from fintech, data analytics and artificial intelligence applications to the latest in nanotechnology.

Here is the full list of this year's top 20 Canadian tech companies:

Blue J Legal, Toronto

Supported by IBM Watson, Blue J Legal is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to change the future of legal research.

Exact Media, Toronto

Exact Media is a marketing firm that helps brands reach new customers through targeted, measurable advertising programs.

Drop, Toronto

Drop is poised to disrupt ‎credit and debit card loyalty programs. Users link their cards to an app that earns them rewards and points on top of what current card reward programs already provide.

CareGuide, Toronto

From nanny's and senior care to pet sitters, CareGuide is a network that helps connect users with care providers that possess the skill set they're looking for., Vancouver is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual banking assistant, able to help customers through a full suite of services.

League, Toronto

LEAGUE offers a digital, uber-esque alternative to finding and claiming non-medical health and wellness benefits.

Medella Health, Waterloo

Medella is helping people better monitor and manage their health though the development of bio-sensors and electronics that use nanotechnology.

Overbond, Toronto

Overbond offers a cloud-based pricing communication platform that automates tasks for bond issuers and dealers.

Repable, Toronto

Repable provides digital analytics and algorithmic recommendations to improve decision-making for players, teams, tournaments and games within the esports (competitive gaming) industry.

SweetIQ, Montreal

SweetIQ is a local search platform that helps monitor and improve customer relationships.

Instant Financial, Vancouver

Instant is a low cost, app-based payroll solution.

Triton Wear, Toronto/ Waterloo

Triton Wear provides analytics to athletes and coaches to help them make data-driven decisions.

TrustPoint, Waterloo

TrustPoint provides security tools and certificate infrastructure that enables secure Machine to Machine (M2M) applications and Near Field Communications (NFC).

Unata, Toronto

Unata leverages machine learning technology to improve the grocery shopping experience.

Wantoo, Vancouver

Wantoo is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses listen to, analyze and act on feedback from their team, customers and other stakeholders.


ZEITDICE are wireless, weather-resistant time lapse cameras that are specifically designed to capture video over long periods of time.

Zensurance, Toronto

Zensurance offers a streamlined approach to buying and managing insurance.

LANDR, Montreal

LANDR is an audio mastering software solution for professional musicians and producers., Toronto is an automated virtual assistant that helps its users offload menial tasks such as scheduling, meeting preparation, introductions and travel logistics.

Procedure Flow, Saint John

Procedure Flow is a cloud-based knowledge management software that helps track and share company processes.

The CIX Innovator of the Year award will be presented to Kitchener-Waterloo's Wattpad.

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October 21, 2016
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