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Ontario, Canada is no stranger to the age of innovation. The province has a history of discovery that has transformed it into a global hub for leading-edge technologies. The buzz on the streets is undeniable: Ontario is on everybody’s lips. So it’s no surprise that the Collision Conference chose Toronto, Ontario to host the world’s top tech event.

However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 conference, now called “Collision from Home,” will run a livestreamed, online version. According to a CBC article in March, “next year’s conference will be hosted in-person and will count as the second of three years it had planned to be held in Toronto.”

Although virtual in nature, the conference will still be distinctly “Ontarian,” highlighting many of the province’s technology innovators. Redefining the tech industry is in our DNA – and this year, the world will see why.

Ontario Innovates

Ontario has always been home to a host of imaginative thinkers who push the limits of the possible. As the second largest IT cluster in North America, countless advancements in technology are made in the province.

From cybersecurity to medtech to artificial intelligence, Ontario excels across the board. That’s what makes us so special. Many of the companies at the forefront of the province’s innovation are participating in this year’s Collision Conference. In fact, Ontario is bringing a delegation of 70 homegrown companies, many of them start-ups, to Collision from Home. These companies represent a diverse ecosystem of IT subsectors from all across the province, showcasing the depth of Ontario’s stellar talent pool.

Ontario’s talent truly is the lifeblood of our tech industry – 70% of Ontario adults possess a post-secondary education – a rate higher than any OECD country. Our universities and colleges consistently rank among the top globally, with University of Waterloo alumni being the second most frequently hired by Silicon Valley companies. But it’s no surprise many of these students choose to remain in Ontario after they graduate.

This access to highly skilled talent is why industry-leading corporations have opened shop in Ontario. Global giants like Google, Uber, and Microsoft have all been lured north by the province’s thriving tech scene.

With hubs such as the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, The Perimeter Institute for Quantum Technology, MaRS, Communitech, and the Creative Destruction Lab all situated along Ontario’s tech corridor, and over 20,000 tech companies operating in the province, Ontario is taking the power of technology from the lab into our everyday lives as a force for good in ways beyond our wildest imagination.

Until Next Year

There is no doubt that this year’s Collision Conference will be unforgettable, both in format and in quality.

As Ontario gears up to host Collision 2021, this time, in person, the province will harness this year’s momentum and carry it into an even bigger and better event.

As our world continues to change every day, and we usher in a new era of innovation, it’s the technologies developed over the next 365 days that will lay the foundation for next year’s conference.

Collision 2021: A new year, with new possibilities. We look forward to welcoming you back to Ontario.

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