Canada: where manufacturers can lower business costs while matching increasing consumer demands

"A necessity for smarter products, production and supply chain management continues to challenge manufacturers and their decision of where to locate," state authors of the 2017 Cushman & Wakefield Manufacturing Risk Index. With the lowest business costs among G7 countries, proximity and access to global markets and supportive policies and investment surrounding R&D, Canada offers a balanced value proposition.

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The Cushman & Wakefield Manufacturing Risk Index –explained

Cushman & Wakefield's index ranks the 30 largest countries (according to manufacturing output) by parameters manufacturers consider critical when assessing the most suitable location to expand or relocate their plant and facilities. The index considers 13 factors, grouped into three categories, which are weighted differently for either highly automated or cost sensitive manufacturing operations.

Conditions: talent/labour force, logistics/access to markets, business environment, time to first supply, sustainability/corporate responsibility.

Risks: natural disaster, economic, corporate and energy risks.

Costs: manufacturing labour per hour, electricity for industrial/heavy use, construction building, and property registration costs.

Weighting for main index (highly automated operations): Conditions = 40%, Risks = 20% and Costs = 40%

Weighting for cost sensitive operations: Conditions = 20%, Risks = 20% and Costs = 60%

Cushman & Wakefield Manufacturing Locations Index – highly automated operations (G7 countries)

In sixth place, Canada is one of only two G7 countries to make Cushman & Wakefield's top 10 destinations for highly automated manufacturing among all established locations.

  • U.S.A. (4)
  • Canada (6)
  • Japan (15)
  • U.K. (16)
  • Germany (21)
  • France (24)
  • Italy (30)

Silfab Solar: Pioneering technology from one of the world's most automated production facilities

Cushman & Wakefield Manufacturing Locations Index – cost sensitive operations (all established locations)

Among all 30 established locations, Canada is ranked the third most attractive destination for cost sensitive operations.

  1. Malaysia
  2. Taiwan
  3. Canada

Innovative, global companies are choosing Ontario

From investments in autonomous vehicle R&D centres and regenerative medicine to manufacturing of power generation solutions, Ontario's competitive business environment, superior talent and unparalleled quality of life is attracting investment from global companies, earning the province the title of Canada's top location for investment.

Discover sites and locations for your business in Ontario

Learn more about why innovative, global leaders are choosing Ontario

February 2, 2017
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