Photo Credit: Photo of Vector Institute by Jesse Milns

Machine learning is augmenting human ability, rewiring the way businesses operate and helping us to rethink the world's biggest challenges, from curing deadly diseases to solving climate change. For those who want to be at the forefront of this monumental shift, there is no better place to be than Canada.

Canada has been on the vanguard of machine learning since long before AI hit the mainstream, having helped shape many of the field's top minds, who have gone on to hold leading roles at the world's foremost research institutes and global tech firms. Moreover, as a diverse, multicultural country, Canadians see themselves as a part of a global community, ready to collaborate and bend the AI revolution toward a better tomorrow.

In Ontario, we recognize that a knowledge economy is only as good as its talent. Our immigration programs also enable companies on the frontier of science and technology to hire highly skilled foreign workers, with work visas processed within a guaranteed 10 business days.

Our rapidly expanding AI talent pipeline is fueling the growth of Canadian and multinational firms that partner with researchers from the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence to apply deep learning solutions to real-world problems. Since the Vector Institute launched in 2017 with support from the federal and provincial governments, Ontario's AI ecosystem has increasingly attracted global attention, and has grown immensely. A year ago, Element AI counted approximately 200 Ontario AI startups. Since then, the number has increased to more than 300 firms spread out across more than a dozen cities in Ontario, predominantly in the Greater Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and Ottawa metropolitan areas. Ontario's AI startups apply machine learning to more than 15 sectors, from media and advertising, to professional services, healthcare, agriculture and software.

Here are some of the companies listed among Ontario's 300+ AI startups:

Founded in 2017, Integrate AI is building an AI-powered platform for B2C enterprises that integrates with business processes to make customer interactions more natural and valuable.

Elucid Labs
Founded by three University of Waterloo researchers, Elucid Labs uses AI technology in a small imaging device for the early detection of skin cancer.

Acerta is developing solutions for predictive maintenance on cars on the road, where AI can detect problems before they happen.

Blue J Legal
Co-founded by a University of Toronto law professor, Blue J Legal is using artificial intelligence to make the law more transparent and accessible.

WinterLight Labs
A Jlabs company, Winterlight Labs is using a proprietary AI diagnostic platform that analyzes natural speech to detect and monitor dementia, aphasia and other conditions involving mental decline.

Deep Genomics
Deep Genomics is aiming to become the world's first AI-based medicine company.

Analytics 4 Life (A4L)
Founded in Kingston, A4L is harnessing the power of machine learning and advanced signal analysis to offer a safe and cost-effective way to diagnose coronary artery disease.

Horizons ETFs
Horizons ETFs is giving investors access to a global equity portfolio of North American-listed ETFs chosen entirely by a continuously learning algorithm that picks up patterns from data analysis.

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March 28, 2018
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