Cartoon images of 4 robots
As a technologist based in the United States, it’s an exciting time for me to watch the advances coming out of our neighbor to the north… I’m truly awed to see such good and helpful work coming out of Ontario right now, and I personally hope the folks in Silicon Valley are paying attention.

Daniel Newman, the Principal Analyst of Futurum Research and the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group, discusses the way in which Ontario is using AI as a force for change.

In particular, he focuses on the work of Dr. Goldie Nejat and her assistive robots. One of her devices, a robot care provider called “Brian,” is just one example of her push to blur the lines between human and machine.

Likewise, Ontario’s Clearpath Robotics is using AI to change the way we work. Their robots are designed to handle dangerous jobs like mining and surveying. They are even developing solutions for military defense.

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