In September 2017, Alex Radu of IT World Canada wrote a compelling piece on the merits of moving from Silicon Valley to Toronto. The article features Vikram Rangnekar, a former LinkedIn engineer who worked for years in Silicon Valley. While he has absolutely nothing disparaging to say about the Valley, Rangnekar, makes a very strong case for making Toronto a long-term career choice.

"I love California. I love LinkedIn, and I have friends there. I don't have a single negative thing to say about the place…but I had to make a decision. Am I going to spend the best years of my life on a restrictive visa?"

Rangnekar has nothing but positive things to say about Canada's immigration process, universal healthcare and its vibrant culture.

"I came up here and I liked the city. It seemed fun, safe, it has good public transit, and there was lots to do," Rangnekar said. "I still remember this, one of my friends said that Toronto is the best kept secret in North America."

He is so passionate about the city and nation that he created MOVNorth, an online guide to permanent residency in Canada. But this doesn't mean he wants to create isolation between Silicon Valley and Toronto. He is actually committed to building a network between the two great tech ecosystems so that they are no longer two disparate worlds.

Invest in Ontario highly recommends you read the full article from IT World Canada. We've also reached out to Vikram Rangnekar and hope to feature more of his insights in future articles.

October 19, 2017
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