Ontario is where FCA, Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota — along with more than 700 parts suppliers and 500 tool, die and mold makers — work together to develop the next generation of automobiles. Here's five exciting things happening here now in connected and autonomous car development:

  1. GM favours Ontario's talent over Silicon Valley
    There are seven universities between Windsor, Detroit and Oshawa, each with its own automotive expertise we can tap. Ontario is also closer to our engineering hub in Detroit. It just makes sense to expand here.

    - Stephen Carlisle, President and Managing Director, GM Canada

  2. Ontario's BlackBerry QNX is a world leader in embedded intelligence
    We intend to dominate that market [embedded intelligence], and we have the foundational technology needed to achieve it.

    - John Wall, senior vice president and head of BlackBerry QNX

  3. Ontario's Nuvation retrofitted a Peterbilt long-haul tractor with an auto-pilot
    There are so many advantages to being in Ontario, starting with the incredible engineering talent on our doorstep.

    - Michael Worry, CEO, Nuvation

  4. Ontario launched the first automated vehicle (AV) pilot program in Canada
    With engineering and computer science professors working in areas from embedded sensors, to advanced control to artificial intelligence, we are very excited with this new frontier.

    - Pearl Sullivan, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, University of Waterloo

  5. We are ahead of the curve in Elliptic Curve Cryptography
    In today's environment, 'bolt-on' security [for connected/autonomous cars] is not the way to go and the U.S. Department of Transportation and major OEMs recognize that.

    - Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, President and CEO, TrustPoint

Need more than five reasons? We are always adding to our library of stories on Ontario's autonomous and connected car innovations.


July 25, 2017
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