Toronto ranked among the world's most sustainable cities in the inaugural Sustainable Cities Index which examined the 50 leading global cities. The index was conducted by the Center for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) which looks at three categories of demands that affect sustainability: social demands (people), environmental demands (planet), and economic demands (profit).

Toronto leads in environmental performance

The City of Toronto ranked particularly well in the environmental performance (planet) category where it finished first in North America, and ninth globally. The environmental performance score is determined by examining a number of factors which include energy use and renewables mix, natural catastrophe exposure, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, and drinking water and sanitation. Overall, Toronto topped the list of 10 North American cities assessed by the index, which included among others: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago.

Toronto remains committed to sustainability

Although having ranked highly in the Sustainable Cities Index, Toronto is committed to improvement and vows to become the model for energy efficient cities of tomorrow. According to a report presented by the city, Toronto has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 25% since 1990 and expects to improve that number to 30% by 2030 even amid the city`s population growth, which has seen the metropolitan area swell to six million as of February 2015. The City of Toronto claims much of the success to date has come from improvements in electricity production and waste management practices. In 2014, Ontario became the first jurisdiction in North America to completely eliminate coal-burning as a source of electricity. This is one example of how Ontario is leading the way in providing businesses with a location that complements their sustainability strategy.

Access the full report: Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index, 2015



March 13, 2015
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