Dr. Graham Collingridge, 2016 recipient of the Brain Prize, discusses the innovation landscape of Toronto, Ontario.


[TOS] Ontario Spotlights Series

For me, being in Toronto is fantastic...

[TOS] Dr. Graham L. Collingridge, Chair, Department of Physiology, University of Toronto Senior Investigator, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital

Because we've got the university, we've got MaRS innovation centre next door, and we've got research institutes embedded within hospitals. Literally on our doorstep. I mean, everything is centred in this one downtown region of Toronto.

Recently, I was fortunate to be the recipient, with two other scientists working in this field, Professor Tim Bliss and Professor Richard Morris, of the Brain Prize.

Toronto is a very easy city to live. Now, I come from London, which is a huge city. I think Toronto has a lot of advantages over London. It's easier to get around. It's more liveable. And its less expensive.

I hadn't considered, specifically coming to Toronto, but I was quite keen to move to Canada where I had been a researcher previously. And so, it seemed like a natural place to come.

And as I toured around the city, and spoke to more and more people I suddenly realized that this really is a fantastic research environment.

We have one single university of international renowned, interacting with several major research institutes embedded within hospitals. All very close together, really facilitating interaction between basic scientists such as myself and clinical scientists.

Yes, it can be done elsewhere, but it’s much easier when it's all together.

I have only been in Toronto for a few months, but I have already had meetings with representatives from JLABS, who have set up a major collaboration here within the MaRS complex.

I think if you are interested in translating your research, collaborating with industry or setting up start-up companies then this is a fantastic environment.

[TOS] Ontario, Canada

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