Research and development into new airplane designs, fuel and components are driving changes that are imperative for the health of the sector, economy and planet.


[Text on screen] Ontario Spotlight Series

[Text on screen] David Zingg, Director, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies

So the issue of airspace and its environmental foot print is pressing now because of two things coming together: one is the increased concern over the environment, increased recognition that climate change is a critical issue, anthropogenic climate change, combined with the increasing demand for air travel associated with increased prosperity in the developing world.

Major aircraft companies are definitely interested in looking at unconventional configurations and new technologies, but it's very expensive and risky to bring a new technology like that to market. So we really have to count on R&D at universities and government labs to de-risk.

Although it takes 20 to 30 years to bring planes to market, we've done lots of R&D on some of the promising technologies, we being the world and different labs, like active low control and open road.

In terms of aerospace and environmental sustainability Ontario doing lots of things well too many things to mention, so I'll just select few. I think UTIAS's center for research and sustainable aviation is a good example.

So the green aviation research and development network we call it 'GARDN' is a business-led network of centers of excellence funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and it has really helped companies do a lot of R&D aimed at reducing the environmental impact of aviation.

A small investment now in sustainability will pay huge dividends of also into the future, including economic dividends.

So I think the goal should be to reduce aviation's impact on climate change even as air travel grows.

If we don't reduce the environmental impact of aviation that will hinder its growth tremendously.

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