Ontario has a storied history of life sciences excellence. But we are very much focused on the future. We have a unique and collaborative innovation ecosystem where highly skilled workers perform cutting edge research and development. And with the lowest business costs in the G7, Ontario has what it takes for life sciences companies to grow and prosper.


A Premier Life Sciences Centre
1,800 life sciences companies
Over $45 B in annual revenues
Over 60,000 highly skilled workers
Collaboration across 44 colleges and universities
Establish – Grow- Expand
A Premier Life Sciences Centre

Innovation Lives Here
A history of discovery
Stem cells – Insulin
Breakthroughs on the horizon
Cancer research – Diagnostic imaging – Neuroscience – Gene therapy
Make history with us
Innovation Lives Here

We've Got the Talent
World-class, highly educated culturally diverse talent
More than 200 ethnic origins and languages
More than 42,000 STEM graduates every year
Expertise – Skills – Diversity
We've Got the Talent

A Research Powerhouse
4 of the top 10 Canadian research universities are in Ontario
The top 10 global pharmaceutical companies are in Ontario
You should be here too
A Research Powerhouse

Low Business Costs
Low overall business costs
Low corporate taxes
Generous R&D tax credits
Low cost premium quality investment destination
Low Business Costs

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