Drawing upon our expertise and resources, we facilitate global businesses' investment and growth in Ontario, offering comprehensive support every step of the way. Acting as the bridge between private and public sectors, we understand the challenges businesses encounter and guide them in optimizing government resources, from federal to municipal, to their advantage.

Access business support services

Partner with our Investor Services Team for your next investment decision

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Find the ideal site for your project

Explore our extensive inventory of investment-ready sites and connect with our expert site selection team for tailored assistance in finding your ideal investment location.

Site Search

  • Access a list of investment-ready sites
  • Clear information of timing and development costs
  • Confidential province-wide site searches customized to your company’s needs

Site Visits

  • Simple, streamlined site tours
  • Opportunity to learn about the community and land firsthand
  • Access to local economic development and planning experts

Regulatory Connections & Permit Coordination

  • Dedicated provincial project managers and liaisons provided
  • Facilitated permit and approval processes through government coordination
  • Smooth facilitation of multi-level government coordination
Site Selection Magazine 2023

Ontario is ranked #1 in Site Selection Magazine’s 2023 Canadian Competitiveness Rankings

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Access to tailored market insights

Gain access to market insights tailored to your specific needs, providing you with valuable information to make informed investment decisions and stay ahead of market trends.

Market Insights and In-depth Analysis

  • Strategic insights and market comparisons
  • Competitive investment landscape assessments including workforce, logistic and industry ecosystem
  • Support in building your business case for Ontario as the location for your next investment
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Identify Financial Supports

Access a range of financial support options tailored to your project needs.

Funding Programmes

  • Support in identifying and accessing finance
  • Support applications to the Invest Ontario Fund: Grants and loans available for eligible businesses

Specialized Financial Incentives

  • Identify specialized financial incentives, including R&D tax credits, which support your investment project
  • Support to ensure you maximize the financial benefits available for Ontario based businesses 

Expert Guidance and Support

  • Receive expert guidance and support throughout the funding process to secure the resources needed for growth and expansion.
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Simplify your Path to Government Resources

Simplify your access to government resources with our streamlined process, ensuring efficient navigation and maximizing your opportunities for success.

Effortless Navigation

  • Rely on our advisors to help you navigate government services with ease, reducing administrative burdens
  • With personalized support, we ensure a smooth process, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity
  • Ensure efficient fulfillment of investor requirements

Streamlined Procedures

  • Expedite permit and license processes, saving time and effort
  • Assistance in navigating government bodies and authorities, as required, for permitting
  • Receive streamlined applications and documentation with other levels of government to reduce administrative burden
  • Streamline communication and collaboration between your businesses and government entities
  • Benefit from efficient processes to accelerate approvals

Navigating Regulatory Frameworks

  • Identify regulations and required consultations impacting your operations
  • Receive assistance in navigating complex regulatory frameworks for compliance and smooth business operations

Core Operations Focus

  • Focus on core operations without administrative hurdles
  • Receive assistance in addressing compliance issues and ensuring adherence to regulations for a conducive investment environment
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Secure your Workforce

Secure a skilled workforce aligned with your needs through workforce development partnerships. Simplify immigration processes for key personnel with our fast-track support services, facilitating talent acquisition for your investor operations.

Skilled Workforce Acquisition

  • Utilize Ontario's pool of skilled professionals for workforce recruitment
  • Forge connections with local workforce development partners to enhance talent acquisition efforts

Immigration Support Services

  • Fast-track processing for key personnel
  • Guidance on immigration regulations to facilitate talent acquisition for businesses
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Expand your Network

Unlock valuable networking opportunities tailored to your industry, connecting you with key professionals and fostering meaningful connections for growth and collaboration.

Building Connections

  • Gain access to local supply chains and partners to help localize and maximize your business 

Diverse Stakeholder Access

  • Gain access to local service providers, academic institutions, and government agencies to foster a dynamic network
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Dana is grateful for the support we have received from Invest Ontario as we continue to grow our operations here to manufacture advanced technologies. Dana’s thermal-management expertise has been led from our Technology Centre in Ontario since the 1950s, so it is exciting to witness the continued growth of this important technology in the province.

Antonio Valencia

Dana, President of Power Technologies and Global Electrification

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Business development team. John Millen, John Millen and Lincoln Kim.