Ontario's one-stop source to business information, tailored investment solutions and valuable connections for investors looking to establish or expand their business in Ontario.

Our goal is to improve the investor experience by providing high quality, timely and tailored insight and intelligence on business and market opportunities, incentives, talent, business immigration and more. We will also provide facilitated access to all levels of government and local service providers. Our services are scaled to investor opportunity and project readiness, so that our efforts are maximized for strategic and priority investment projects.

Investment services can be engaged at any stage of an investment project – from conception to completion. We are here to help businesses succeed in Ontario.

Let the Investment Services Team be a key partner for your next investment decision

Information and insight

Business opportunity analysis and market insight

  • Business costs
  • Infrastructure
  • Regulations
  • Talent base
  • International market access

Hot topic library
Developing a series of tools including:

  • Business immigration guide
  • International market access overview

Business support

Client-centric advice and facilitation

  • Business immigration pathways
  • Employee settlement services
  • Training partnerships with universities and colleges

Business support programs

  • Loans, grants, wage subsidies, tax credits
  • Advisory services

Connections and coordination

Government liaison

  • Ontario ministries
  • Ontario municipalities
  • Federal departments

Business linkages

  • Local service providers
  • Business associations