Technology in Ontario


[music starts]

[Text appears over various cityscapes.]

Text On Screen:
Welcome to Ontario.
Home to North America’s second most concentrated I.T. cluster.

[Images of servers and fiber optic cables are shown.]

Text On Screen:
Nearly half of Canada’s I.T. workforce. 

[Academic footage.]

Text On Screen:
65,100 new STEM graduates annually.

Text On Screen:
Easy access to markets.

[Ontario is highlighted on a map. A dotted line surrounds Minneapolis, Chicago, New York and Ontario with the caption:]

Text On Screen:
1 Day Drive

Text On Screen:
A global supply chain offering competitive input costs.

[The pin icon appears at various points across a map of the world. Dotted lines connect each pin.]

Text On Screen:
Ontario’s employers can save 50% on healthcare related costs on average, compared to peers in the U.S.  

[Toronto and Waterloo cityscapes are shown.]

Text On Screen:
Home to one of the largest start-up ecosystems in the world.
Leader in:
Microelectronics, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Cybersecurity and Digital Media

[Images representing each field are shown.]

[White text appears over a map of Ontario.]

Text On Screen:
Invest Ontario
Opportunity thrives here.
Learn more

[music ends]