Technology in Ontario [Described Video]


[music starts]

Text appears over various cityscapes.
Welcome to Ontario. Home to North America’s second most concentrated I.T. cluster.
Images of servers and fiber optic cables are shown.
Nearly half of Canada’s I.T. workforce. 

Academic footage.
Sixty-five-thousand-one-hundred new stem graduates annually. Easy access to markets.
Ontario is highlighted on a map. A dotted line surrounds Minneapolis, Chicago, New York and Ontario with the caption:
One day drive.

A global supply chain offering competitive input costs.
The pin icon appears at various points across a map of the world. Dotted lines connect each pin.

Ontario’s employers can save 50% on healthcare related costs on average, compared to peers in the U.S.

Toronto and Waterloo cityscapes are shown.
Home to one of the largest start-up ecosystems in the world. Leader in: Microelectronics, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Cybersecurity and Digital Media.
Images representing each field are shown. 

White text appears over a map of Ontario.
Invest Ontario. Ontario.
Opportunity thrives here.
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[music ends]