It is estimated that the global water market is forecast to reach $1.5 trillion by 2028. With world-class R&D capabilities, low business costs, access to leading industry talent, generous government incentive programs and secure market access, Ontario, Canada is the place to grow your ideas and meet this demand.

Ontario’s Watertech Industry by the Numbers

in Ontario’s stormwater assets
invested into 140+ water infrastructure projects
publicly owned stormwater management facilities
water treatment plants
of water and wastewater technology companies export around the world
water-focused research institutes, universities and colleges

Ontario, Canada is a global R&D leader in water technologies

Many of the world’s top water companies have chosen to locate in Ontario to take advantage of our R&D strengths—including American Water, Danaher, Nalco, Siemens Water Technologies and Veolia Water. Innovation lives here—and you should be part of it.

Ontario water companies have made clean water a reality in some of the world’s toughest industrial and urban environments. Many of the biggest breakthroughs have come from Ontario, Canada. In fact, two of the most widely used technologies—UV disinfection and membrane filtration—were developed here.

Every year nearly $16 billion is spent in Ontario on industrial, university-based, and private-sector research. If you are looking for R&D incentives and government programs, Ontario offers one of the best incentive packages in the world. This ensures that you can drive innovation in the most economical manner possible.

Committed to innovation

Ontario’s R&D and innovation initiatives span all aspects of clean water concerns worldwide.

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