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Ontario’s Interactive Digital Media (IDM) sector has long been credited for its innovations in game development, cross-platform entertainment, virtual and augmented reality, e-learning, and training products. Companies find success in Ontario because the province offers an unparalleled mix of cost advantages, skilled talent and an exceptional quality of life.

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Ontario’s thriving video game industry is spurred by the province’s sought-after pool of talent, as well as its world-class business incentives. The winning combination of diverse and highly-qualified talent, as well as first-rate business conditions, is what makes Ontario such an innovative hotbed for the video game sector.

Lucie Lalumière, President & CEO,
Interactive Ontario

Ontario’s Interactive Digital Media Industry by the Numbers

in annual revenues
Over 90%
of revenue from exports
Over 65,000
STEM graduates annually
interactive digital media workers
Toronto has
#1 lowest business costs
among major G7 cities
AI-related venture capital

Business-friendly government that values the digital media industry

Exceptional digital media tax incentives

Ontario offers companies a range of world-leading tax credits and programs to make staffing and operating even more affordable.

  • Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit—Enjoy up to a 40% tax refund on the costs of labour and some of the marketing and distribution for games created in Ontario.
  • Co-operative Education Tax Credit—Save 25% on the salaries of students you recruit from Ontario’s 47 colleges and universities, up to $3,000 per student.
  • Research and Development Incentives—With applicable credits, every $100 you spend on R&D can be reduced to between $64 and $32.

Who’s here

Build your team with world-class talent

To create great digital media, you need top creative talent. You’ll find extraordinarily skilled and creative people here.

Ontario is a creative and economic powerhouse packed with a world-class education, talent and video game developers. Through consistent and dedicated governmental support, the industry will continue and thrive and take center stage in creating some of the best video games in the world.

Denis Dyack, Founder and CEO,
Apocalypse Studios

What sets our digital media workforce apart?

You’ll find concept artists, 2D/3D artists, animators, modellers, texture artists, technical and computer graphic artists, gameplay programmers, designers and producers, along with programmers specializing in graphics, physics, sound and online applications. In addition, you’ll find musicians and sound engineers.

And when you want to communicate with your customers around the world, you’ll find highly educated and talented people who are able to communicate in over 200 languages.

Our colleges and universities

Ontario colleges and universities meet your needs by consulting with industry leaders to provide business-critical courses in game development and advanced programming, computer animation, digital design, engineering, computer sciences, fine arts, digital graphics, music and sound engineering.

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An established industry with more opportunities to come

In an industry as fast-paced and competitive as interactive digital media, every advantage can make a big difference.

Find your advantage in Ontario.