Mobey Day Toronto speakers and participants

Mobey Day Toronto speakers and participants discussed the converging factors driving the evolution of the financial services industry. From the indelible mark left by the pervasiveness of smartphones to recent developments in augmented and machine learning, attendees were treated to insights on how collaboration between financial services, fintech and government can contribute to redefining banking and payments.

Here are 21 of the best quotes we heard during Mobey Day Toronto.

Fintech quotes on the digitization of commerce:

  1. “The major winners will be financial services companies that embrace technology.” – Alexander Peh, PayPal and Braintree
  2. “Millennials are the least insured generation since WWII … insurance companies are ripe for disruption.” – Mark Dowds, Trov
  3. “People need banking, not banks.” – Ranjit Sarai, President’s Choice Financial
  4. “Banks can partner with fintech to build an ecosystem where the size of the pie grows for the banks and third parties.” – Mike Henry, Scotiabank
  5. “We’re talking about payments, customers care about shopping.” – Ranjit Sarai, President’s Choice Financial
  6. “Blockchain also offers resilience against a denial of service attack.” – Greg Wolfond, SecureKey
  7. “People are tired of having so many passwords.” – Greg Wolfond, SecureKey
  8. “Insurance companies are falling behind,” was a repeated notion.
  9. “At the end of the day, customer centric fintech solutions are going to win.” – Giles Sutherland, Carta Worldwide

Fintech quotes on the importance of user experience design:

  1. “A well-executed user experience builds trust.” – Tom Creighton, Wealthsimple
  2. “Experiences, not transactions; insight driven; instantaneous.” – Etienne Liffe-Moon, BMW Design Works
  3. “An ‘inside-out approach’ [business needs first] always ends with a poor user experience.” – Tom Creighton, Wealthsimple
  4. “Software eats expertise.” – Tom Creighton, Wealthsimple
  5. “In a world that seems more chaotic and distracting than ever, we’re desperate to find focus.” – Etienne Liffe-Moon, BMW Design Works
  6. “Every touch point matters; be playful; simplicity is strength; course correct constantly.” – Tom Creighton, Wealthsimple

Fintech quotes on applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in enterprise and banking:

  1. “True AI needs quantum computing to support [it], but ‘Augmented Intelligence’ is transforming industries today.” – Pavel Abdur-Rahman, IBM
  2. “Google will do with AI what Apple did with the iPhone, which will drive consumer demand for the enterprises.” – Pavel Abdur-Rahman, IBM
  3. “Maybe we need less real stupidity and more artificial intelligence.” – Ramy Nassar, Architech
  4. “We’re one to two years away from a machine that can debate with you on your investment hypothesis.” – Pavel Abdur-Rahman, IBM
  5. “Big data may be cheap to collect, but it’s expensive if you don’t know what you want to get out of it.” - Ozge Yeloglu, Microsoft
  6. “The key to success is making a habit of doing things you fear.” – Derek Colfer, Visa

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