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Raquel Urtasun, Founder and CEO of Waabi has been a fixture on the Invest Ontario website since 2017 when she was Head of Uber ATG Toronto. We proclaimed her an “AI rock star” when she announced the founding of the self-driving company Waabi in June 2021. And now less than 18 months later, Urtasun and her brilliant team at Waabi have unveiled the Waabi Driver, an “AI-first autonomy stack as software” designed for “factory-level OEM integration, large-scale commercialization, and safe deployment.”

The backbone of Waabi’s AI-first approach is Waabi World, the “most scalable, highest fidelity closed-loop simulator ever and the key to unlocking the potential of self-driving technology.” This immersive and reactive environment both tests and teaches the self-driving “brain”, aka, Waabi Driver.

Coming soon to a road near you

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In the words of Raquel Urtasun, “Self-driving is one of the most exciting and important technologies of our generation. Once solved at scale, it will change the world as we know it.” It looks like Waabi has made significant advancements and is changing the world day by day – all from the comfort of Toronto, Ontario.

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