Mississauga, Ontario - Square One in Winter
Sagitec’s expansion into Canada was the logical next step in growing internationally. It’s a lot easier to penetrate in North America than elsewhere because of proximity, language, trade agreements, and culture.
Rick Deshler, co-founder and senior partner at Sagitec

In 2004, Sagitec Solutions with their first client, Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS), successfully implemented a groundbreaking pension administration solution, NeospinTM. Since then, they’ve become a recognized leader in the public pension industry with 27 different public pension clients. Including 2 large Canadian public sector plans.

Today, the company serves three distinct industries with dedicated teams and business solutions. These include:

Sagitec Solutions

Pension and Benefits: Enjoying a track record of proven success – winning work with large, medium, and small organizations, Sagitec has implemented solutions for clients with as many as 614,000 participants.

Unemployment Insurance: Sagitec invested heavily in developing a modern, state-of-the-art UI solution named Neosurance™, a platform that includes websites, web portals, mobile apps, and enterprise line-of-business software. The program is now being used by the states of Maryland, West Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and the District of Columbia.

Healthcare: In 2016, Sagitec launched a Healthcare Practice to bring mobile and web products to a broader market. Sagitec’s HealConnect is an enterprise SaaS platform for Medicaid member engagement.

Sagitec recently announced the planning of a delivery centre in the Great Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario. Invest in Ontario sat with Kevin Lynch, the Canadian Business Development Director at Sagitec Solutions to discover how this expansion will spawn business growth for the company.

Q: What prompted the company’s expansion into Ontario and what output will the new delivery centre provide existing or prospective clients of Sagitec?

A: The Great Toronto Area (GTA) of Ontario has a multi-cultural ecosystem that values inclusion and has a tech pool of engineers, domain experts, and other expertise from all over the world. The pool of talent is extensive, and we wanted to be able to serve our Canadian clients locally, where possible. Toronto serves as an accessible hub to the rest of the country as well as internationally.

Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch, the Canadian Business Development Director at Sagitec Solutions

Q: What characteristics were you looking for in the location of the new centre and why did Ontario stand out to you?

A: As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we want to grow our operations virtually accessing the amazing talent Ontario has to offer in our sectors. As the team grows, we will be looking for a flexible workspace most likely in the west end of the GTA with meeting space more centrally located. As we continue to grow in Canada, one of our goals is to ensure we are close to our clients.

Q: How have the various teams in the provincial and regional government offices supported Sagitec in your decision-making process and beyond?

A: The ministry has been extremely helpful to ensure we feel welcome in Ontario. They have also provided valuable insights in terms of connecting the dots to help solve real-life business issues - from real estate to recruiting solutions to marketing insights.

Q: What are your future plans for Sagitec?

A: Sagitec aims to provide the highest quality software solutions and scalable platforms in the Pension, Unemployment, and Benefits space. Our goal is to continue to grow our Canadian footprint both from a staffing perspective and a client perspective.

Invest In Ontario thanks Kevin for his insight and welcomes Sagitec to the second largest IT cluster in North America!

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