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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario companies have worked tirelessly to ensure people have safe and modern access to healthcare products and services. This unprecedented time in history has set the stage for a boom in the healthtech ecosystem – and Ontario is at the forefront of this surge.

A number of homegrown companies from the province will be showcasing their prowess at this year’s Intelligent Health AI conference. As with most conferences and events in 2020, Intelligent Health AI has moved to an online platform. It’s a move that is very apropos for the world’s only large-scale summit series dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

Running September 9-10th, the summit is focusing on seven key themes, providing the anticipated 54,000+ attendees with over 200 guest speakers and multiple networking opportunities to connect with key contacts from around the world from the life sciences sectors including pharma, biotech, and medtech.

The province of Ontario will present at the Canadian Pavilion September 9, 2020 at 2pm, UK time / BTS. Speakers will include:

Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade of the Government of Ontario (Presenter: Yixin Guan, Senior Sector Advisor, Digital Health)

Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (Presenter: Mel Barsky, Director, Business Development)

Swift Medical (Presenter: Carlo Perez, CEO)

Ontario is a recognized leader and innovator in life sciences with a long history of world’s firsts. We are also one of the global centres for AI innovation with over 300 firms now dedicated to progressing AI in all sectors including healthcare.

This year’s conference is the perfect opportunity to get to know what Ontario, Canada has to offer – both as a location for your global expansion plans, or as a one-stop shop for high quality products and services to fulfil your supply chain needs.

Join us on September 9th and find out why there has never been a better time to think Ontario.

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