Where will the Electric Vehicle of the future be built? Right here…in Ontario, Canada.

Ontario has been building cars for over 100 years.

And right now, we’re planning for the next generation of vehicles; ones powered by electricity.

Better still, powered by 55,000 STEM graduates each year, to design and engineer those EVs.

And by North America’s 2nd largest IT cluster, with companies at the forefront of zero-emissions technology.

Built through an automotive supply chain that’s integrated across assembly, parts and technology. And where some of North America’s most skilled workers assemble some of the highest quality vehicles today.

With a future led by global OEMs who’ve already invested over 4 billion dollars in their EV prospects.

From a strategic location at the heart of the Great Lakes Automotive Corridor.

With access to all the critical minerals needed for EV batteries, including nickel, cobalt, lithium and graphite.

And power from an energy mix that’s 94% emissions-free; the cleanest of any automotive jurisdiction in North America.

This is Ontario, the place where we’ll take all that we’ve done and apply it to building the car of tomorrow.

Welcome…to a Hub for Tomorrow’s EV.

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